Mopezi was founded with the mission of developing an effective, exciting, and ultimate resource for today’s modern shopper.

There’s not enough time to shop for all of the best deals…you don’t always know the best place to go for what you need. You don’t always know how to easily access reliable information. And you certainly want to make extra money but without all of the extra work, time, inconvenience, and investment typically required. If any part of this sounds like you then Mopezi is your opportunity.

Mopezi was founded with the mission of developing an effective, exciting, and ultimate resource for today’s modern shopper.s

Someone who’s looking for:
  • Good deals
  • Convenience
  • Extra money without extra work, time, or investment
  • Fun and entertainment

Members experience all of the advantages of a group network including discounts on products, services, travel, and much more – all on a single source network with their own "back office". All of this would be enough to attract many members, but our program also provides you with the opportunity to make an increasing amount of extra income through social networking and profit sharing. And the catch…there is none!

It’s all available at no cost or obligation. It’s simply a fabulous opportunity for everyone to establish a better way to shop the products and services that they all need and want – and make money doing it. And don’t forget the most important part...having fun and enjoying it!

Our ongoing mission is to continue to add value for our members, delivering better deals and an increased earning potential as our membership grows in numbers and strength. As a Member we want you to feel like Mopezi is your business, so please give us your comments and suggestions.

Mopezi was founded by Bruce Harrington who has over 25 years of business development experience and is responsible for bringing numerous innovative products and technologies to the marketplace. The Mopezi concept was realized from Bruce observing his wife, who had become an avid online shopper, sharing all her great shopping deals with her Facebook friends, and he eventually commenting to her that “she should get the sales commission from the retailers because she’s the one selling the products to her friends”. It was with this notion that the Mopezi format was born.

Not being an internet techy Bruce soon called his good friend Marco Britt, who had a great deal of experience with internet technology, marketing and co-founder of the online environmental magazine, Living Green Magazine. Marco quickly joined Bruce to help develop Mopezi, and now they are accompanied by a qualified team of associates and advisors.

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